Main Personality and Mastery Edit

Your deck must contain a Main Personality set (Levels 1-4, all of the same character) and a Mastery.

60 card Life Deck Edit

Your Life Deck must be exactly 60 cards. Unless otherwise specified, you may include up to three copies of any given card.

Dragon Balls Edit

You may only include one copy of any given Dragon Ball. All Dragon Balls in your Life Deck must be of the same set (e.g. Namek, Earth)

Allies Edit

You may only include one copy of any given Ally. An Ally cannot match the name of your MP, and all Allies must match the Alignment of your MP.

Styled Cards Edit

All Styled cards in your deck must match the Style of your Mastery.

Freestyle and Named Cards Edit

Freestyle cards do not have one of the six Styles as the first word in their title. You may include any of these in your deck. Named cards have a character's name in the title; any Named cards you include must match the name of your MP.

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